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Rewarding young players for improving their soccer skills

Play soccer… earn crypto

Andre Gray is an professional English Premiership League footballer with a passion for helping young players, particularly those from poorer nations.

His football coaching academy is the first in the world to use cryptocurrency to reward young people for playing the beautiful game.


Earn Steem by watching Andre's drills and skills videos, practising and uploading a video of yourself playing too. Andre rewards great videos with upvotes.

Please note, you should be over 13 years old to sign up.

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Share with the world about how your game is improving by posting your own video.
Here's what to do to get an upvote from Andre:

Watch Andre’s drills & skills Videos

Watch each short video, and practise what Andre is teaching you

Make a video of you practising

Get someone to film you successfully completing Andre's drills

Upload your video to YouTube

Put your video on YouTube and then post your link to it in our portal

Post and earn Steem cryptocurrency

Your post will be upvoted by Andre, and will earn Steem cryptocurrency

andre gray message agfacademy

"I want to support young people all across the world to play and enjoy football just like I did. And by using Steem, I can now do that by providing some money which could help you to buy some of your kit or make it easier to enjoy playing football."

Andre Gray

Andre’s Drills & Skills Videos

Learn from Andre

Choose the video to watch, go practice. Then upload your video to YouTube.

Then login to the portal, and make a post which will be written to the Steem Blockchain.

Andre will reward you with upvotes which earn Steem cryptocurrency.

See the Drills & Skills videos

Don’t have a STEEM account?

Steem is the cryptocurrency that is used to reward you for posting your videos. If you don't already have a Steem account (and you really should), you can apply for a fast-approval account here. It's free, but it can take some time, and accounts are limited

You might want to buy an instant access account for just $2.50 from Steem.Ninja to get going right away

Apply for a free account

  • Completely  free

  • Make a video for approval

  • Takes between 2 - 5 days

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  • No waiting for approval

  • Account open instantly

In order to open a STEEM account, you should be at least 13 years old.

Donate to Andre Gray’s Football Academy

If you like what this is about, you can donate to help increase the rewards which we give out to young players.